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We are committed to deliver all the Citizen Services in a time bound manner to each and every Citizen. Click on the following link to see such timeline for each service. Citizen Charter
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Applications Disposed in Time 0
Applications in Process 1927
Pending on a/c being Incomplete 0
Pending Beyond Stipulated Time 5382
Total 7309
App#App. TypeSub TypeAllowed DaysDays to ExpireLate By DaysCompliance Flag
201502083946 Marriage Registration 15 9 Pending Beyond Stipulated Time
201502123963 Marriage Registration 15 5 Pending Beyond Stipulated Time
201502133971 Marriage Registration 15 4 Pending Beyond Stipulated Time
201502143972 Marriage Registration 15 3 Pending Beyond Stipulated Time
201502163981 Marriage Registration 15 1 Pending Beyond Stipulated Time
201502183983 Marriage Registration 15 1 Application in Process
201503034050 Marriage Registration 15 14 Application in Process
201503034051 Marriage Registration 15 14 Application in Process
201503034053 Marriage Registration 15 14 Application in Process
201503034054 Marriage Registration 15 14 Application in Process
Found: 7309
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