Date Accepted: 17-Jul-2012
CFC Application Summary Date Expiration: 01-Aug-2012
Application Number : 201207171912
Type : Marriage Registration
Sub-Type :
Name : Mohit Arora & Mamta Verma
Date Accepted : 17-Jul-2012
Date Expires : 01-Aug-2012
Status : Approved
Details : Marriage Registration For:- Mohit Arora & Mamta Verma
Role Name Address Contact#
ApplicantMohit Arora  
Name of Bridegroom FatherSomnath Arora  
Name of Bridegroom MotherChanchal Arora  
Name of BrideMamta Verma  
Name of Bride FatherVirender Verma  
Name of Bride MotherUrmila Verma  
Name of BridegroomMohit Arora  
Witness #1 from Bride SideUrmila Verma  
Witness #1 from Bridegroom SideChanchal Arora  
Description Target Date   Status
Application Intake18-Jul-2012 Intake Completed
Forward to Concerned Officer25-Jul-2012 Forwarded to Registrar 4
Witness Vetting25-Jul-2012 Witness Vetted
Approval of Marriage Registration25-Jul-2012 Within Time
Decision on Marriage Regitration25-Jul-2012 Approved
Fee Description Payment Mode Date Amount
No Fees/Payment Data Found
Your Application will be processed by following officer(s) in the order
(1) Anju Chaudhary
Joint Commissioner 4